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Sample Analysis Services

Postnova Analytics offers a variety of unique sample analysis services for the characterization of biopolymers, proteins, liposomes and nanoparticles. Our European Application Laboratory Center EAC and our American Application Laboratory Center AAC represent the worldwide biggest and most advanced labs offering sample analysis services based on Field-Flow Fractionation and Light Scattering.


The service depends on the sample type. The numbers are listed below, prices are on request. A comprehensive report in Word/PDF format as well as raw data will be provided to the customer. This service is ideal for customers who would like to get access to the unique capabilities of FFF-LS but don’t want to invest in own instrumentation. Also, customers who have one-time samples, an urgent need for sample characterization services or even short resources in their own FFF lab, may use the Postnova EAC/AAC sample analysis services to their advantage.

Postnova also has the required resources to offer these services to customers having continuous samples on frequent basis in larger quantities. In close discussions with the customer Postnova determines the optimized measurement procedures and creates a customized service for every client, while maintaining the highest QC levels at any time.

Available Separation & Detection Technologies

Postnova offers sample services using the following separation and detection technologies:


Separation Technology
AF2000 AT Asymmetric Flow FFF
Room Temperature
Aqueous Eluents
Proteins, Aggregates, Liposomes, Micells, Viruses Biopolymers, Industrial Polymers, Nanoparticles MALS, DLS, RI, UV, VM, FL, ELS, CAD
AF2000 AT Asymmetric Flow FFF
Room Temperature
Organic Eluents
Polymers, Gels, Micells, Starches,
AF2000 MT Asymmetric Flow FFF
5-90°C, Aqueous
+ Organic Eluent
Proteins, Aggregates, Liposomes, Micells, Viruses Biopolymers, Industrial Polymers, Nanoparticles MALS, DLS, RI, UV, VM, FL, ELS, CAD
EAF2000 Electrical Flow FFF
10 - 40°C
Aqueous + Organic Eluent
Nanoparticles, Proteins, Liposomes, Biopolymers, Industrial Polymers MALS, DLS, RI, UV, VM, FL, ELS, CAD
TF2000 Thermal FFF
RT – 180°C
Organic Eluents
Industrial Polymers, Gels, Starches MALS, DLS, RI, UV, VM, FL, ELS, CAD
CF2000 Centrifugal FFF
Room Temperature
Aqueous Eluents
Nanoparticles, Emulsions, Gels MALS, DLS, RI, UV, FL, XPT
Room Temperature
Aqueous Eluents
Microparticles, Sediments, Diatoms XPT
SC2000 Modular SEC Synthetic Polymers, Biopolymers, Polysaccharides, Peptides, Proteins, Antibodies MALS, DLS, RI, UV, VM, FL, ELS, CAD


EAC / AAC / UKAC Application Laboratory Locations

Postnova has three application support centers: The European Application Center (EAC) is located in Landsberg, Germany at the headquarters of Postnova. The American Application Center (AAC) is located in Salt Lake City, US and the latest addition is the UK Application Center (UKAC) located in Malvern, UK. These three locations together represent the world’s largest and most advanced FFF service laboratories. They provide the highest quality application support to the scientific community and also host the training and educational services which are offered for all our product lines on a frequent basis. The long history in FFF and the broad FFF product range are the basis for this unsurpassed, extensive scientific support offered. 

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