PN7000 Eluent Handling

PN7000 Eluent Handling

Holder for bottles and possibility of direct connection of up to 8 solvent lines via the integrated PEEK connector block.
One of the sensitive parameters in Field-Flow Fractionation is the preparation and stabilization of the eluent. As in basically any aqueous media microorganisms will grow during a period of time which can cause serious problems.
The PN7310 Solvent Selector allows the selection of up to four different eluents for any FFF run. The module has an integrated selector which allows automatic switching between the premixed eluents for different runs.
Eluent degassing with PN7520 Solvent Degasser is a critical and important step in FFF, SEC and HPLC, as oxygen and other dissolved gases affect the analysis for various reasons.

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